About Us

Capricornia Silver Band Inc was formed in 1969 under the baton of Dick Williamson. In 1975, Dennis Ilott became Musical Director and successfully directed the band until his retirement in 2009.

Our Objective is to provide “Excellence In Community Entertainment” through

  • Promoting the knowledge and love of music.
  • Promoting fellowship among band members.
  • Creating a public demand for music.
  • Providing quality, entertaining music for public functions.
  • Providing musical programs for charitable organisations.
  • Welcoming musicians from all parts of the world.

Our members of Capricornia Silver Band (Inc), comprising Capricornia Silver Band, Capricornia Winds and Capricornia Academy Band strive for Musical excellence within our Central Queensland Community by:

  • Developing cultural, educational and community interest and involvement in band music through high quality performances.
  • Maintaining a close cohesion with Secondary and Tertiary Musical institutions in Queensland.
  • Ensuring quality leadership and governance.

As group of dedicated amateur musicians who meet regularly to play music for pleasure and community entertainment, we welcome visitors at any time at one of our rehearsals.